IT Support Service

Comprehensive IT support service provider in Singapore. 

Our Services

We help to relocate your office server room equipment relocation and migration. We plan and execute on-prem to cloud migration. 

We cover from L1 cabling to L7 cyber security forensic investigation. We provide on-prem firewall to SD-WAN cloud solutions e.g. Zscaler. We design and implement both Distribution and Core network switching. We build and maintain VPN connections e.g. IPsec site-to-site and remote access VPN.

Get rid of your IT headaches by getting rid of your serve room and migrating to the cloud. With a small subscription fee you will enjoy very powerful cloud computing at a fraction of a cost compared to hosting locally yourself. No longer require high upfront hardware cost.

We provide high quality and exceptional IT support to our customers and help you with the rapidly changing today’s technological challenges. 

Wide range of hardware and software support and deployment. We plan, design and supply Accounting, ERP supporting GST, Inventory management and Payroll software.

Destruction of the data on a data storage device by removing its magnetism. Degaussing. 

Enjoy what you do best. Let us handle your IT headaches

Our recent projects

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